10 Days of Daily Strategic Prayer for Your Husband


Want to learn how to pray more effectively for your husband?

While many of us have been told to pray for our husbands, very few of us have been taught how to do so.

Prayer must be strategic to yield specific results.

This includes the prayers  we pray for our husband.

Understanding how to pray for him effectively is essential for his success as a husband and equally important to continue building a successful marriage.

If you are ready to commit to a strategic prayer plan and looking to elevate your connection with your husband through the power of prayer

Join me for this 10-day prayer challenge to learn the 10 core areas to cover your husband in prayer.

For the first time in a long time, I felt this peace about my marriage– and I know it’s not me – it’s the Holy Spirit that has gone ahead of me to solve this issue. A matter of 3 years settled in 20 minutes.
Thank you for the conscious reminder to pray for my husband that you’ve sent through the prayer series.  You are a blessing to me and the thousands of women who are privileged to be connected with you!
– L.O.
Something is happening, not sure what but it’s happening! My husband‘s focus and determination has increased. He has made wise decisions. He is stressed out, but it is gradually getting better. I have been able to submit to his leadership in a certain area a little more easily. The 2nd day into this prayer challenge God must have given me an extra extra measure of faith, because I no longer felt like I was just praying and hoping it all comes together soon. I started believing and being excited to pray.
– J. Hudson
Since starting the prayer challenge for my husband, he has suddenly started being nice to me and acting like he actually loves me and is being similar to what made me fall in love with him in the first place 15 years ago! I honestly don’t know but so can say that I’ve actually enjoyed praying for him! I stopped praying for him because of bitterness and simply not having the words to say. I loved that you provided me with a things to pray for daily, so for that, thank you so much!
– A. Hawkins
I definitely see a change in him. I have prayed the prayers that you said several times throughout the day. Everyday thus far has been what I needed to pray for. I was like this Dr. Dean is all up in my business. God bless you!
– T. Kendrick
I have seen some changes in my husband in the past several days. He’s been taking me out on dates. Picnic at the beach, Lunch at a restaurant, we have been able to communicate and spend one on one time together. I will continue to pray for my husband daily! Thank you!
– B. Carter
Thank you so much! I see change in my husbandsince we have been on this Prayer challenge. I mean I pray for him daily but this week is different. Gloryyyyyy! P.S. Husband said I've been sweet since last week but he doesn’t know that something is going on!
– Mrs. T